Money Monday Investment Cents: Why One Should Boycott Canadian Banks

Well, this is really a no-brainer, but when a fascist dictator takes over One’s country, the first thing People should do is take their money out of banks in that country because banks work for the Nazis.

Tyranny in Action

All fiat currency issued by banks is fraud and treason against their People, issuing worthless dollars in exchange for the Real wealth of the country’s natural resources until the People are bankrupt and the Real wealth (natural resources) are all owned by globalist, corporate, capitalist, interests. These are the Nazis.

Keep Your money in a Canadian bank, and it just makes You a victim to Trudeau tyranny and fascism. Remember what this Man did, this is right out of a Hitler playbook.

Sadly, Robert Kennedy has outed him Self as a supporter of #Genocide in #palestine by the illegal and unlawful #Iraeli, #Terrorist occupation. Any One who supports these un Godly Acts is not supporting Judaism, they are #Zionist #Nazis. Many Palestinians are Christians and Jews. Support for Palestine is not support for a terrorist organization, #Israel are the #Terrorists. Don’t listen to the #Israeli #propaganda.

Invest in Real wealth however One can get their hand on it – physical Silver and Gold Will always retain its ‘market’ Value.

Canada Crashing…

Hello every One. Just chiming in quickly today to remind Canadians that there is no better time than now to start thing King about investing in precious metals like Silver and Gold. Tune in for every Post to find out how The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company Will increase the Value of every dollar Trusted to its care immediately!

In exchange for $75.00 (total investment over three terms), the investor Will receive $50.00 in Silver backed cash, plus a Certificate for 1 ounce of fine Silver (and redeemable for an ounce of physical Silver or $25.00).

Again, stay tuned to find out how the system works because there are no mysteries behind the economic model for the Trust Company, either. Every One who invests Will be taught exactly how the system works so they can apply the same Principles to their own private, family Estate planning and management.

Until next time,

“Be the Change, become the Coin of the Realm.”

the Hand of the King

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Trudeau Foundation Paying the Media to Promote his Propaganda

Trudeau is allegedly not allowed to be a member of the Trudeau Foundation while Acting as Prime Minister because that would be immoral, unethical, and a conflict of interest. But using his Foundation to bribe the media to promote his propaganda, coerce and intimidate People into receiving experimental medical products, and silence dissent is no problem at all, apparently.

This is another one of those things like the ‘blackface’ situation, where Justin claimed he was blind but has now illuminated the darkness of his ignorance, and knows better now. Really?

The Prime Minister doesn’t know that blackface is inappropriate and potentially offensive to some cultures? If that was the best excuse he had, that should have been sufficient to remove him from office because nobody Wishes to have any One that clueless and incompetent representing their nation on the world stage.

Not to mention, if this moron doesn’t like Your opinion, he’s just going to freeze Your bank account and lock You out of society altogether. No, that doesn’t sound like a dictator at all! It’s clear I’ve been overreacting all this time, ‘Just in’ wasn’t born yesterday after all – he just has the cognitive brain development of a Man who was born yesterday. Not at all the same thing, apparently.

You Wish to Trust Your wealth in one of Canada’s financial institutions, or do You Wish to Keep Your wealth with a Kingdom One can Trust?

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Still war King on the book which Will also be free for members of the mailing list, so Sign up today!

Wednesday Wealth Watch; The Silver Standard

“Today an ounce of silver costs a little above 1% the price of gold. Silver’s availability, plus its unique properties as a precious metal, now underpins its many industrial, medical and technological uses. This sets silver apart from gold as an asset to invest in, by making it an indispensable metal for the modern age.”

Bullion Vault

One can click on the link to read more about the properties of Silver and why it is such a precious and Valuable substance to have for more than just its esthetic appeal. Did You know water in a Silver pitcher is purified?

A True Silver dollar of one ounce 999.9 Silver would have a Value of roughly $25.00 U.S. currency. In Order to stabilize the global economy, the cash People are using must have a standard Value – it cannot be fictitious (fiat).

No One in any Common Wealth country can deposit fiat (cash) and receive something of Value in exchange for it. There is nothing whatsoever to ‘normalize’ the Value of a dollar. The Trust Company is setting a Gold and Silver standard for the Value of a dollar. $2500.00 for an ounce of Gold, $25.00 for an ounce of Silver.

This is very different from the Value of the markets changing. Market ‘Value’ is relative to supply and demand, but only because supply and demand affects the buying power of One’s dollar. Because the dollar is not founded upon anything of Real Value, anything of Real Value relative to it Will always increase. Food is in short supply, the price goes up, the buying power of the dollar goes down.

Imagine instead if One has a bill for $25.00 Silver (1 ounce). Maybe Silver Will reach as high as $30 an ounce. The $25.00 Silver can now buy (be traded for) $30 dollars worth of stuff. This is how One’s buying power increases right alongside inflated prices.

If the price of Silver drops and is only worth $15. an ounce, the Certificate holder can then redeem the Certificate for $25.00 cash for (returning) 1 ounce of Silver because the Trust is never going to change its exchange rate. The investment system I have Created ensures the Trust Will never have to, regardless how the markets perform.

The only reason it works is because of the difference in Value between Silver and Gold which (over time) stabilize each other. Together they represent the rest of the world markets overall. The Trust buys whichever One is a better Value for the same dollar based on the 1/100 ratio, and the Value of the dollar increases with the Value of everything else.

Canada an International Joke says Chamber of Commerce

I’m telling You, nothing I do is by happenstance. The urgency to Create something People could invest in that would Truly increase in Value rather than depreciate like dollars that are worth less every day, was motivated by the obvious incompetence of Canada’s current Man-child State Actor posing as politician, Justin Trudeau – or sometimes True ‘dough’ as I like to Call him for all the air in his head.

Do You know that Justin has now more than doubled the deficit since he took office? Roughly six hundred billion to now an approximate one point three trillion dollars! Trillion!!! To really start comprehending just how much that is, consider that’s one thousand billion dollars, and a billion is one thousand million dollars. I know most of Us Will know that but to actually fathom it I think One has to try to picture it. It’s such a stupid amount of money most People can’t rationally perceive it.

The point is, there is nothing ‘normal’ about a country having a national debt at all! That’s the craziest part about the whole thing. Under no circumstance should a country’s deficit continue to climb exponentially unless it has been hijacked by foreign interests. True economics don’t work that Way.

In True economics, if One is continuously purchasing things of Real Value, One Will only ever get wealthier. Only when One fails to Honour their obligations do they encounter debt. Like not paying a credit card bill. Or taking off with all the Crown’s ships and tradesmen? Didn’t State Actors do that? Insist they are all grown up and ‘independent’? Wasn’t that treason? Did they ever pay for that?

One should be a little more like a Lannister, at least economically speaking. A Lannister always pays his debts (Game of Thrones reference if not a fan).

The debt of a Sovereign nation is the measure of State Actor’s broken promises to their People. Canada’s broken $1.3 trillion promises to pay and counting. I say Canada stops Issuing the Man-child credit.

I’m sharing a link from Forbes not because it supports My theories and predictions but because it says the exact opposite with respect to Silver and Gold prices. I suggested that surging Silver is times of economic hardship and decline, Forbes is saying that Gold prices increasing reflects economic decline. I rest on My philosophy because Gold is Way down relative to Silver right now, and these are not Good economic times. But please take a look at the article Your self.

See how it hovers around $25.00? That’s the Real, True Value. It’s the buying power of the dollar that changes in relation to it, which is why most economists see the situation backwards. They have no Idea how to manage a True economy.

If You do check out the article, this Trust Company’s strategy is a combination of futures investing and stocks – or maybe a hybrid is a better Word.

I’m guaranteeing a fixed price for Silver and Gold in exchange for a fixed term of investment (G.I.C.). The Trust is covering the extra costs associated with buying the Silver, storing the physical Silver, fluctuations in the market, shipping the physical Silver, and whatever other costs are associated with running the Company.

And that’s pretty much it. One Will receive two cashiers cheques for $25.00 for the Return on the GIC’s before they mature, each backed by a new measure of Silver or Gold, then finally the Certificate it Self Redeemable for ‘$25.00 or 1 ounce of Silver’ that represents the member’s hold on the physical Silver.

One of the reasons I’ve delayed the launch of the Certificates is so that I can get to know every One here a little first, and tell You and the rest of the world about the Trust Company.

I Wish for every One to know not only how the Trust investment strategy Will work to develop its Treasury, I Wish for every One to understand why the business model I’m using is so successful so that One can apply the same Principles to their own Estate and Trust management portfolio.

I’m also working on a Book that I Wish to offer for free with every membership, ‘The Micro Mogul Wealth Management Module’, and I don’t Wish for that project to be rushed. It Will include flow charts, detailed descriptions and explanations of the entire process. I should have it ready soon, I’ve just got a table of contents to update and some textual content to add. Problem is I spend more time Writing Posts than I do Writing books, so whenever I get back to it which could be… Whenever. You know how it is.

Hope You are having an excellent start to the New Year this Tuesday, Sign up for My Wish List to get notified on the release of Certificates.

Monday Money Motive a Sean

Magical Monday’s Motive a Sean to invest in physical Silver today!!! Join the mailing list for priority Notice, $25.00 for an ounce of Silver sounds great now and Will only get better!

And if U.S. banks won’t accept Your Gold and Silver backed dollars, there Will always be BRICS. They went with the Acronym ‘BRICS’ because it Will be the first stable global economy, a Gold Standard for all of Man’s kind.

Welcome to the Golden Dawn…

A New Year Silver Celebrate Sean

Hello every One and Happy New Year!!! I hope every One is ready for an amazing year. I know there is a lot of instability and uncertainty in the world, no better time than now to start securing One’s Estate for future generations (or ‘generate-Sean’s in My case).

I have said that I won’t go crazy promoting The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company because the Value is so Good.

It was only last year that Silver was somewhere around $19.50 or so Canadian and I was telling People that it Will soon reach it’s True Value of $25.00. It was only last month that it was $24.55 when I checked the market price with a couple of Friends of mine while We were going over the business model.

When I was Creating the business plan, $25.00 was above the market Value by roughly fifty cents. Again, the Value of the Silver and Gold never changes, so if it appears the Value is going up, all it really means is that the dollar’s Value is depreciating in relation to it.

Silver is one of the Ways to measure inflation because Silver Will increase in Value before Gold until it’s no longer affordable. Soon, We Will see Silver prices start to taper off as Gold prices climb to match. Gold is worth 100 times more than Silver, the True Gold standard never changes, only dollars become more and more worth less by comparison.

Today is the official opening of The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company and We’re starting with the Wish List. One can join by Signing up on the form at the bottom of most pages of this Blog.

Members of the Wish List Will receive priority notice when The Trust begins Issuing the first G.I.C.’s.

It may be as long as a few months yet before The Trust Company is officially Issuing shares to its members. Setting up the website so that I can tell People about the Trust was the main goal for the New Year. The more time I spend thing King about the business model, the more Ideas I have for streamlining and automating the process.

The Trust Will have an E.I.N. as a not for profit organization so that People Will be able to claim investments on their tax return, and cash the promises to pay (cashiers cheques) with One’s financial institutions.

The Trust is also looking into virtually automating the entire process. Ideally, the Trust does not Wish to deposit any payments into a bank because there’s no need for One if the Trust is using every penny to purchase Gold and Silver.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I figure it should be because I’ve managed businesses that keep a safe on premise and only make a bank deposit once a week or so. Ideally, I Wish for payments to be received and ‘held’ until the entire block of shares are sold, then released exclusively for the purpose of purchasing the Silver and Gold.

Right now, I’m thing King this can best be automated by Way of a subscript Sean service that automates the return of Certificates, automatically Issues two promissory notes over the course of the subscription, and finalizes the subscript-Sean with the Issuance of the Certificate (for an ounce of Silver).

Those are the things I Will be war King on and keeping You Posted on. However, I felt it was important to chime it today to Show every One just how great this offer really is. Already, today’s Silver price is $28.80 Canadian. That’s up more than four dollars an ounce in a month!!!

Trust Me, Silver prices Will not continue to climb like this, they Will eventually stabilize and You Will see the Gold respond in a similar manner. The Value of Silver didn’t go up four dollars in a month, the Value of Canada’s dollar dropped by four dollars an ounce in a week!

Secure Your worth less cash with Silver dollars today!!! Join the mailing list below, and may the New Year bring You every Blessing You Wish to receive!

Honouring Promises to Pay?!

Hello every One and welcome to The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company, it is in Deed an Honour to have You in My company this evening. Over time You Will get accustomed to My unusual use of capital letters, everything is done with Divine Intent-Sean; just like the Trust’s commitment to Honour its Promises to Pay (unlike treasonous State Actors of the Common Wealth).

If only Sense was as Common as Wealth in the Common Law, We would be all set!

One of the reasons I decided to Found The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company is because a Friend in My Microcosm was as King of Me in the later part of this year if I would commit to devoting some time to sit down and Write a book about the Common Law (and Estate administration by associate-Sean) with My Friend so that I could organize the book in a Way that addresses some of the common questions People have that prevent One from comprehending how a promise to pay becomes legal tender.

The short answer to this question is that money, or promises to pay are only pieces of paper that represent a commercial Value relative to something of Real Value. One makes a deposit to a bank, one can take out an equal (equitable) amount in promises to pay. But when One is depositing promises to pay, what is the promise? 0.01% interest on the Value of One’s deposit, and One is only investing promises to pay that were never Honoured in the first place? Putting cash in the bank is no different from taking money out on One’s credit card to do the same.

The promise is that the pieces of paper One is walking around with Will consistently increase in buying power! The bank is supposed to be doing exactly what The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company Will be doing – investing every dollar in a commodity that Will secure that dollar Value investment by backing it with something of Real, tangible Value. Because the Trust Will be Honouring its Promise to spend every dollar received on acquiring new Valuable commodities for its investors, the promises to pay Will be Good, showing how much the Value of One’s dollar has increased by a measure of Silver.

You Will also probably Notice that after the New Year’s official opening, I really won’t be investing much in promoting My new Trust Company. I Will have links on My pages and posts where People can join My mailing list and permanent links to purchase shares if One Wishes to do so, but I really don’t care if People believe in Me or not. I’ve already sold 5% of the first block and I haven’t opened the doors yet, those are just to Friends who went over My business plan with Me in detail.

When People understand that they don’t even lose the dollars they are investing (because One receives two cashiers cheques equal in dollar Value in Silver), I won’t have to sell My product, it Will sell it Self. (And not at all like a budget balancing it Self, True-dough).

All one is really doing, is changing worth less paper money into Valuable, Silver currency worth $25.00 (today) in Silver. Over time, an ounce of Silver Will buy more than $25.00 if inflate Sean keeps up like this, so People holding Silver Will be able to leverage their equity, and that Will also be taught in the course included with the subscript Sean for the Certificate.

A three month subscript-Sean paid upfront guarantees every One participates until the Certificates reach maturity, every One graduates with a Certificate for one ounce of Silver as a Graduate-Sean Gift. Not a bad incentive, right? And, I don’t care if People copycat My entire business model, that is what it is for. The Trust is Truly a for the People, by the People, Institute Sean. 😉

Yeah, I do a lot of Word Play with My name, too. I’m King Sean, House von Dehn, by the Way. It’s a Pleasure to have You in My Courtyard. I hope You Will consider placing Your wealth and Trust in God.


Post Script – I Will put together something a little fancier for the Certificate, but today’s feature photo was to Give a visual represent a Sean of how a Guaranteed Investment Certificate works. By the maturity of the investment, there is no difference between the Value of the Certificate and the Value of the Silver. That is what makes it legal tender because it is a True fact representing a commercial interest in something of Real Value.

If You are finding this Educate-Sean-all, Imagine what One Will learn over the course ahead! This Light House Product Sean Will guide the citizen ships to shore so We can all Act in King Ship with one another in Deed.

vonDehnVisuals is back!!!

Hello every One!!! Yes, although it took Me until the wee hours of the morning today, is now back online! It also appears as though I have finally resolved the WordPress dot com glitch (Signing Me out of WordPress dot org and telling Me I don’t have an account or that I have some new account that they created from a subdomain Created from My primary domain!).

This is just a quick post to let You know where One can find Me – or at least the last fourteen years of My existence online. Seems a little redundant to have an ‘about Me’ page when there are literally fourteen years of inform a Sean about Me online. There is no more official an Author of Writ for the Story of My Life than My Story – I hope You like it.

Pretty soon People Will understand why I’ve Given up believing any of Canada’s State Actor’s have even an ounce of competence related to economics or governing a nation. Canada hasn’t ever had anything more than Man-children believing they are all grown up when they are in fact too immature and narcissistic to even acknowledge their own incompetence, despite happily telling their People Canada is now 1.3 Trillion dollars in debt. Way to go Justin the treasonous Trudeau!!! At least You proved You can win at something. You are the number one idiot on the world stage, Canada’s State Actors Will only be getting Juno’s for comedic performance, and only by People who are not subject to watching the Show.

Love and Blessings,

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