Money Monday Investment Cents: Why One Should Boycott Canadian Banks

Well, this is really a no-brainer, but when a fascist dictator takes over One’s country, the first thing People should do is take their money out of banks in that country because banks work for the Nazis.

Tyranny in Action

All fiat currency issued by banks is fraud and treason against their People, issuing worthless dollars in exchange for the Real wealth of the country’s natural resources until the People are bankrupt and the Real wealth (natural resources) are all owned by globalist, corporate, capitalist, interests. These are the Nazis.

Keep Your money in a Canadian bank, and it just makes You a victim to Trudeau tyranny and fascism. Remember what this Man did, this is right out of a Hitler playbook.

Sadly, Robert Kennedy has outed him Self as a supporter of #Genocide in #palestine by the illegal and unlawful #Iraeli, #Terrorist occupation. Any One who supports these un Godly Acts is not supporting Judaism, they are #Zionist #Nazis. Many Palestinians are Christians and Jews. Support for Palestine is not support for a terrorist organization, #Israel are the #Terrorists. Don’t listen to the #Israeli #propaganda.

Invest in Real wealth however One can get their hand on it – physical Silver and Gold Will always retain its ‘market’ Value.

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