Canada an International Joke says Chamber of Commerce

I’m telling You, nothing I do is by happenstance. The urgency to Create something People could invest in that would Truly increase in Value rather than depreciate like dollars that are worth less every day, was motivated by the obvious incompetence of Canada’s current Man-child State Actor posing as politician, Justin Trudeau – or sometimes True ‘dough’ as I like to Call him for all the air in his head.

Do You know that Justin has now more than doubled the deficit since he took office? Roughly six hundred billion to now an approximate one point three trillion dollars! Trillion!!! To really start comprehending just how much that is, consider that’s one thousand billion dollars, and a billion is one thousand million dollars. I know most of Us Will know that but to actually fathom it I think One has to try to picture it. It’s such a stupid amount of money most People can’t rationally perceive it.

The point is, there is nothing ‘normal’ about a country having a national debt at all! That’s the craziest part about the whole thing. Under no circumstance should a country’s deficit continue to climb exponentially unless it has been hijacked by foreign interests. True economics don’t work that Way.

In True economics, if One is continuously purchasing things of Real Value, One Will only ever get wealthier. Only when One fails to Honour their obligations do they encounter debt. Like not paying a credit card bill. Or taking off with all the Crown’s ships and tradesmen? Didn’t State Actors do that? Insist they are all grown up and ‘independent’? Wasn’t that treason? Did they ever pay for that?

One should be a little more like a Lannister, at least economically speaking. A Lannister always pays his debts (Game of Thrones reference if not a fan).

The debt of a Sovereign nation is the measure of State Actor’s broken promises to their People. Canada’s broken $1.3 trillion promises to pay and counting. I say Canada stops Issuing the Man-child credit.

I’m sharing a link from Forbes not because it supports My theories and predictions but because it says the exact opposite with respect to Silver and Gold prices. I suggested that surging Silver is times of economic hardship and decline, Forbes is saying that Gold prices increasing reflects economic decline. I rest on My philosophy because Gold is Way down relative to Silver right now, and these are not Good economic times. But please take a look at the article Your self.

See how it hovers around $25.00? That’s the Real, True Value. It’s the buying power of the dollar that changes in relation to it, which is why most economists see the situation backwards. They have no Idea how to manage a True economy.

If You do check out the article, this Trust Company’s strategy is a combination of futures investing and stocks – or maybe a hybrid is a better Word.

I’m guaranteeing a fixed price for Silver and Gold in exchange for a fixed term of investment (G.I.C.). The Trust is covering the extra costs associated with buying the Silver, storing the physical Silver, fluctuations in the market, shipping the physical Silver, and whatever other costs are associated with running the Company.

And that’s pretty much it. One Will receive two cashiers cheques for $25.00 for the Return on the GIC’s before they mature, each backed by a new measure of Silver or Gold, then finally the Certificate it Self Redeemable for ‘$25.00 or 1 ounce of Silver’ that represents the member’s hold on the physical Silver.

One of the reasons I’ve delayed the launch of the Certificates is so that I can get to know every One here a little first, and tell You and the rest of the world about the Trust Company.

I Wish for every One to know not only how the Trust investment strategy Will work to develop its Treasury, I Wish for every One to understand why the business model I’m using is so successful so that One can apply the same Principles to their own Estate and Trust management portfolio.

I’m also working on a Book that I Wish to offer for free with every membership, ‘The Micro Mogul Wealth Management Module’, and I don’t Wish for that project to be rushed. It Will include flow charts, detailed descriptions and explanations of the entire process. I should have it ready soon, I’ve just got a table of contents to update and some textual content to add. Problem is I spend more time Writing Posts than I do Writing books, so whenever I get back to it which could be… Whenever. You know how it is.

Hope You are having an excellent start to the New Year this Tuesday, Sign up for My Wish List to get notified on the release of Certificates.

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