Honouring Promises to Pay?!

Hello every One and welcome to The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company, it is in Deed an Honour to have You in My company this evening. Over time You Will get accustomed to My unusual use of capital letters, everything is done with Divine Intent-Sean; just like the Trust’s commitment to Honour its Promises to Pay (unlike treasonous State Actors of the Common Wealth).

If only Sense was as Common as Wealth in the Common Law, We would be all set!

One of the reasons I decided to Found The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company is because a Friend in My Microcosm was as King of Me in the later part of this year if I would commit to devoting some time to sit down and Write a book about the Common Law (and Estate administration by associate-Sean) with My Friend so that I could organize the book in a Way that addresses some of the common questions People have that prevent One from comprehending how a promise to pay becomes legal tender.

The short answer to this question is that money, or promises to pay are only pieces of paper that represent a commercial Value relative to something of Real Value. One makes a deposit to a bank, one can take out an equal (equitable) amount in promises to pay. But when One is depositing promises to pay, what is the promise? 0.01% interest on the Value of One’s deposit, and One is only investing promises to pay that were never Honoured in the first place? Putting cash in the bank is no different from taking money out on One’s credit card to do the same.

The promise is that the pieces of paper One is walking around with Will consistently increase in buying power! The bank is supposed to be doing exactly what The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company Will be doing – investing every dollar in a commodity that Will secure that dollar Value investment by backing it with something of Real, tangible Value. Because the Trust Will be Honouring its Promise to spend every dollar received on acquiring new Valuable commodities for its investors, the promises to pay Will be Good, showing how much the Value of One’s dollar has increased by a measure of Silver.

You Will also probably Notice that after the New Year’s official opening, I really won’t be investing much in promoting My new Trust Company. I Will have links on My pages and posts where People can join My mailing list and permanent links to purchase shares if One Wishes to do so, but I really don’t care if People believe in Me or not. I’ve already sold 5% of the first block and I haven’t opened the doors yet, those are just to Friends who went over My business plan with Me in detail.

When People understand that they don’t even lose the dollars they are investing (because One receives two cashiers cheques equal in dollar Value in Silver), I won’t have to sell My product, it Will sell it Self. (And not at all like a budget balancing it Self, True-dough).

All one is really doing, is changing worth less paper money into Valuable, Silver currency worth $25.00 (today) in Silver. Over time, an ounce of Silver Will buy more than $25.00 if inflate Sean keeps up like this, so People holding Silver Will be able to leverage their equity, and that Will also be taught in the course included with the subscript Sean for the Certificate.

A three month subscript-Sean paid upfront guarantees every One participates until the Certificates reach maturity, every One graduates with a Certificate for one ounce of Silver as a Graduate-Sean Gift. Not a bad incentive, right? And, I don’t care if People copycat My entire business model, that is what it is for. The Trust is Truly a for the People, by the People, Institute Sean. 😉

Yeah, I do a lot of Word Play with My name, too. I’m King Sean, House von Dehn, by the Way. It’s a Pleasure to have You in My Courtyard. I hope You Will consider placing Your wealth and Trust in God.


Post Script – I Will put together something a little fancier for the Certificate, but today’s feature photo was to Give a visual represent a Sean of how a Guaranteed Investment Certificate works. By the maturity of the investment, there is no difference between the Value of the Certificate and the Value of the Silver. That is what makes it legal tender because it is a True fact representing a commercial interest in something of Real Value.

If You are finding this Educate-Sean-all, Imagine what One Will learn over the course ahead! This Light House Product Sean Will guide the citizen ships to shore so We can all Act in King Ship with one another in Deed.

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