Kingdom Comes!

Hello every One, and welcome to the homepage for The Kingdom of Heaven Trust Company. For those of You who have managed to find You Way here after moving from My old home at vondehnvisuals, thank You for Your patience while I get settled into My new House.

Kingdom Comes in Deed!!! The Found a Sean is set and I am war King very hard behind the Scenes to bring this Product Sean to Life (if not without more than a few technical hiccups).

And yet, things are beginning to come together. The goal is to officially launch on Christ Mass Consciousness day as something of a Tribute to God’s Kingdom on earth. Gauging by how things are coming together at Present, the Gifts God has to Give every One may have to wait until the New Year.

However, We don’t believe in coincidence here – God always has a Plan and Yours Truly accepts such Gifts as a Sign from God, knowing only God can know when the perfect launch date Will be for this Immaculate Concept, Sean.

Only time Will tell, but the mailing list is open now!!! God’s Messenger here at The Heaven’s Kingdom Trust Company is now ready to accept members. Tell God You Wish to receive a Sign when Heaven’s Gates finally open.

People Will be wondering how I can be offering Silver and Gold at (better than) market value without going bankrupt. Fortunately, all members also receive free entry into the Micro Mogul Wealth Management Module course.

Not only Will You have an opportunity to make a great, sound investment in Real property, but You Will also learn how to replicate the system Your Self to amass incredible abundance just by following some very basic Principles. Something called Honour. I’m sure You’ve heard of it, but I’m not sure You are familiar with it considering the State Actors We have on the world Stage right now.

That’s okay. I’m going to Give a little Direct-Sean of My own and see what kind of Scene We can cause. 😉

I know You’ve been waiting a long time. Welcome to the Golden Dawn.

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